Our Story

Dandelion Sun is about an experience. Everything from the product to the packaging and fragrance are designed to evoke feelings of confidence, knowing your skin is being nourished and protected. Delivering on the promise of healthy, beautiful skin using clean and effective ingredients is what drives our two founders.

Stephanie Marks and Marlena Chang met while studying at the agricultural institution, University of California, Davis, and discovered their shared passion while working together at a skincare company. Aware of the harmful effects of sun exposure -- from dry skin and premature wrinkles, to a close family member's bout with skin cancer -- they understood the importance of taking preventative measures.

Neither had found a moisturizer with SPF that resonated. So one summer day in Sonoma, while sitting in a field of dandelions, they resolved to create their own. They spoke with women like themselves, skincare brand founders, and nearly every US lab in search of this formulation.