1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. But it's preventable

Our mission is to promote healthy skin; which is why we donate a percentage of our proceeds to the Skin Cancer Prevention foundation. A cause that is close to our hearts, we support the prevention and prompt treatment of the world's most common cancer. Let's talk SPF.

Dandelion Sun is about an experience. We design everything - from the product to the packaging - to evoke confidence. To know your skin is being nourished and protected. Promoting healthy, beautiful skin using clean ingredients is what drives our two founders.

Stephanie Marks and Marlena Chang met at the agricultural school, University of California, Davis and discovered their shared passion while working together at a skincare company. After Stephanie's mother's bout with skin cancer, they understood the importance of taking preventative measures.

90% of the signs of skin aging are caused by daily sun exposure

Neither had found an SPF moisturizer that was non-greasy. One that absorbed quickly without leaving a white residue and provided maximum protection. So one summer day in Sonoma, while discussing in a field of dandelions, they resolved to create their own. They spoke with people like themselves, skincare brand founders and nearly every US lab to create this formulation.